Can drinking water help you lose weight?

This has to be one of the easiest ways of losing weight and improving your health, yet so many people don’t do it. The main reason is no matter how easy something is to do, you have to do it at least once a day for 30 days until something becomes a habit, like brushing your teeth.

Drinking water has so many benefits when it comes to losing weight. For a start, often when you start feeling hungry in between meals, your body is often telling you you are thirsty rather than hungry. Drinking a glass of water will help keep that hunger at bay a bit longer.

Before you start eating a meal, you should also drink a glass of water before hand, not only will this help you digest your meal better, but you wont need to eat as much to feel full up. It is also a good idea to sip water while you are eating your meal too.

The best thing though about drinking water is it helps flush your system, especially your liver and other organs which help break down fat in your bod. What could be an easier way to lose weight!

Remembering to drink water

The problem is, will you remember to do this on a daily basis? Also, do you find the taste of water, well, tasteless? The best thing to do is get a large bottle of water, at least 2 litres, and you can slice some lemon and/or lime to put in the bottom to add flavour. Then simply have the bottle in a place where you sit for most of the day, and keep drinking small cups until you have emptied it over a period of the day.

Are you drinking enough?

The next time you go to the toilet, although this isn’t very pleasant, take a look at the color of your urine, it should be clear. If it is yellow, you are not drinking enough water. If it is dark orange, you seriously need to drink more otherwise it could do damage to your body.

Other benefits of drinking water

Drinking water is known for helping keeping your blood pressure down, helping to keep your arteries healthy and flush through any residual fat. It also keeps your kidneys healthy and other vital organs.

One other great benefit is it will keep your skin looking fresher and more radiant. If you suffer from dry skin, then often this can be because you are not drinking enough water.

Plan of action: Go now and grab yourself a bit empty bottle and fill it with fresh water, and make sure you make a habit of drinking it daily.