Best Workout Ever

I did it. I made the best workout ever!  That sounds like an exaggeration, but I swear this is the best workout made in the history of the world. Okay I admit it, I’m biased

This workout will cut all the BS out of your trip to the gym and get it DONE!  So heres the backstory on how I stumbled on this mind bending, body pummeling workout:

Ive got a client whos one of those guys all the trainers wish they had. He is dedicated, he is into his workouts. He knows more about the fitness industry than some of the other trainers at the gym!  We have a scheduled appointment and he calls about 10 minutes beforehand – I smell a cancellation. He says hes stuck in traffic and is running late. He isnt canceling, but we will have a half hour tops instead of our usual scheduled hour. He says he still wants a good workout hmmm

The wheels started turning right away. I knew he had some elbow tendinitis thanks to excessive golf habit so that took out cleans or any vertical pulling.

Other than that were good to go

Here is what I came up with5 mins

Dynamic Warm Up – thats right, no matter how much time we have there is no way a client of mine is going to walk onto the floor without a proper warm up.

15 mins

Barbell Complex – we needed some major volume in short order and there is nothing better than a barbell complex to achieve this. For those that dont know it means that the athlete performs a series of exercises without putting the barbell down.

You know if youre going to do a lot of work in a little time youll need some weight to move!

40kg total weight (you dont need much!)

Bent over Row

Push Press

Good Morning

Back Squat

Push Up10 reps of each90 seconds8 reps of each60 seconds rest6 reps of each45 seconds rest4 reps of each

Collapse to ground

Still not done!4 mins

Tabata superset – The king of intensity. Negative rest based intervals!  Work for 20 seconds and only rest for 10. 8 times total makes 4 minutes on the dot. Sound easy? Think again!

Dumbbell Squat and Press

Supersetted with

Mountain Climbers

If youre going as fast as you should you dont need much weight!

Now we only used 15lb dumbbells for the thrusters. After the complex we didnt need much load on the shoulders and the weight should be light enough so rep speed doesnt get sacrificed because of muscular failure. Each set of 20 seconds we got at least 8 reps and started at 10. Fast. Fast. Fast! You get out what you put into a Tabata

Collapse again.

Choose the places you collapse wisely, roads are not recommended5 minutes

Stretch – you need more stretching. Really, you do.

Thats it! 30 minutes of intensity that will leave you a sweaty mess with hundreds of burned calories and a metabolism that is a fat burning furnace for the next day.