During autumn, the crisp air affects the nourished skin. If the skin is infected by acne then during autumn the skin can be damaged more. It is very important to choose the right skin care product to cure the acne. If required, proper guidance should be taken from experts before choosing any medicines. It is recommended that you should choose your moisturizer according to your skin type and the severity of acne caused.

You should never skip your acne treatment even for a day because, they are very important for improvement. It is also suggested to keep your treatment kit besides your toothbrush. This can act as a reminder to perform your treatment regularly. During autumn, teens use several creams and lotions to keep their skin fresh and nourished. This increases the amount of oil on the skin and increases the chances of spreading. Sunscreen lotions are avoided during autumn by many people.

• Tanning helps in clearing the skin of acne. Fact: Tanning may temporarily mask the acne. But the skin gets dried and develops irritation in the presence of sun. The rays of sun instead can be responsible for premature aging and skin cancer, more on http://www.thedoc.com.au.

• The more one washes the face fewer are the chances of further breakouts. Fact: It is a common myth. Although washing helps in removing dirt and oil from the skin, but too much of washing leads to dryness and scrubbing leads to irritation.

• Popping pimples out removes them faster. Fact: Popping a pimple makes it stay around longer although it may reduce the visibility. Squeezing the pimples further pushes the bacteria and the dead cells into the skin causing more complications.

• Avoid make ups to keep the skin clear. Fact: Cosmetics that are non-acnegenic shouldn’t cause any breakouts. Instead creams containing tinted benzyl peroxide help in hiding the pimples.

• Greasy and chocolates stuffs cause acne. Fact: No specific food stuff has been proven of causing acne. It is quite possible that a person suffers from acne after eating greasy or chocolate food stuffs but this may not be true for every case.