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Ibrahim El-Batout was born in Port-Said on the 20th, September 1963. In 1985, he graduated in Physics from the American University in Cairo. His infatuation with the camera started at the Video Cairo Production House, where he worked as a cameraman/editor..

From 1987 to 2004, he worked as a documentary director, producer and cameraman specializing in war zones for international TV channels, including ZDF, ITN, ARTE, ABC, CBS, Channel 4 and TBS Japan.  During that time, he covered 12 wars, including the Iraq-Iran war, Lebanon, the first gulf war, Bosnia, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Somalia, Rwanda, Zaire, Palestine, Chechenya Kosovo and the second gulf war among others.   El-Batout shot over 29 documentaries where he won many international awards.

In 2004, and after being shot twice, El-Batout decided to leave the trauma of wars behind and returned to Egypt to make it his home base once again.  It was then when he started thinking about making independent feature films.

El-Batout took the Egyptian film industry by storm where he challenged censorship, sidestepped shooting permissions’ extremely long and bureaucratic process and worked with first time actors and crew. He wrote, directed and produced his first fiction, long feature film, Ithaki in 2005.  In 2007, he also co-wrote, and directed a little indie film called ‘Ein Shams’ (Eye of the Sun), becoming the first independently-financed film to acquire a commercial screening in Egypt . This new economical model of producing films in Egypt gave hope to many young and talented filmmakers to realize their dreams and make their own films rather than wait for funding from big producers or go through the heavily censored and bureaucratic film industry.


Feature Films

2012 – (Ali Meaza /Ali The Goat) Director and co writer ( in development).

2011- (El Sheita Elli Fat / Winter of Discontent) Director co producer and co writer

2010- (Hawy/ The Juggler) Director,Producer DOP, actor and scriptwriter

2008- (Ein Shams / The Eye of the Sun) Director and co writer

2005- ( Ithaki) Director , Producer, DOP and Co wrtiter.

Awards & Honors

2011 best film and best screenplay in Beirut International Film Festival for Hawi

2011 special mention in San Francisco Arab film festival for Hawi.

2011 film Critics award in Rabat International Film Festival for Hawi

2010 Best Arab Film in Doha Tribeca Film Festival for “Hawi”

2009 Best Film in San Francisco Arab Film Festival for “Ein Shams”

2008 “Ein Shams” is rated #6 of the10 Best Films of the Year.

2008 The Golden Bull, First Prize at the 54th Taormina Film Festival for “Ein Shams”.

2008 The Golden Hawk in Rotterdam Festival for “Ein Shams”.

2008 International Carthage Festival Award For “Ein Shams”.

2003 Rory Peck Sony International Impact Award Finalist (United Kingdom) for “Mass Graves in Iraq”.

2000 Axel Springer Award (Germany) for “A Day of an Ambulance Driver in Ramalla”.

1996 ECHO (European Union) for “The Victim of a War that Ended”.

1994 Axel Springer Award (Germany) for “Female Circumcision in Ethiopia”.

1991 Honorary Award TBS (Japan) for the coverage of the first Gulf War.



Winter of Discontent (El Sheta Eli Fat) is selected for a world premiere at the 69th Venice International Film Festival (Aug. 29th – Sept. 8th).